Delivery Information


Any order placed on the site is subject to confirmation by the seller.

Once the order is confirmed (this is done when the order is placed), it will be processed and shipped within 3-5 working days. Delivery is made by fast courier at the address specified by you when you placed the order.


For International delivery, transport costs are 20 euro for Europe and 30 for the rest of the world. For details, view the courier pricing grid. The shipping cost can also be discovered when placing an order. It will be displayed separately, along with the cost of the product. Also, it will be displayed on the invoice.

For delivery abroad you have to adapt to EU conditions and prices.

Return policy

“The consumer has the right to notify in writing the trader that he renounces the purchase without penalty and without invoking a reason, within 10 working days after receiving the product.” – Article 4, B, Chapter I, ORDINANCE no.130 of 31 August 2000 on the legal regime for distance contracts. Customers can return purchased products in their original packaging within 10 business days of receipt, without any penalties and without any reason. Product returns will be made at the expense of the customer, using the same shipping service as the shipment.

According to the legislation in force, personalized products cannot be returned by the buyer. However, there is the possibility of adjusting them (up to 1 time), with the buyer’s agreement. It will be his obligation to pay for the shipment in order to make these changes. If the dimensions of the product do not coincide with the ones the buyer offered, the shipment will be paid by the seller.

BE CAREFUL! Products may be returned only in the same condition as they were sent and only in the original package.


– In the case of payment through the BRD Finance Card, the full refund will be paid, minus 6% – representing the non-refundable BRD commission.


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